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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Post About Falling Asleep

This is a note I wrote on Dad's facebook page last week:

Some nights, I've had trouble falling asleep. Here is what I've learned that has helped me.

First, it helps if you have lots of stuffed animals, or dolls.

Boys: action figures can be substituted as well.

So, then, pick out a random stuffed animal and then think of one thing related to it. Then try to think of something else related to THAT. For example, if I looked at my stuffed lion, I might think of the Sun (because of its mane and yellow fur). Then I might think of the Moon, since both the Sun and the Moon are in the sky and give us light.

Then, once you've thought of as many items as possible, try to relate your last item back to your stuffed animal. For example, if I thought of a palm tree for my last item, I might relate it back to my lion by thinking how it is similar to the lion's tail. See?

Keep on going through your pile of stuffed animals. I bet you will be asleep before you get to the fifth stuffed animal! Happy dreams!

Love, Maggie

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